Monthly Archives: November 2012


Sometimes the truth is just a spark… 


I have been frozen the last few months… writer’s block I suppose.  I understand it on the same level I understand many things these quiet days (haha!)  My neighbor, who I love and cherish on these days, just told me that the first time she read my blog she was in awe of how well I expressed my emotions.  “I could never describe how I feel like that,” she said, “she expresses her emotions so well.”  

I never thought of it like that.  


The ONLY thing I tend to hear when sharing these things, is the people who would read my words and judgmentally scar me all over again.  I think of those things first, and I still don’t understand why!!!  How could I?  I know better than that! 


I hope I hear her voice the next time I attempt to share.  Self-kindness is nearly impossible in this society.